Guided and individual Wine tours

Wine Tours Greece is offering guided and individual Wine tours in the south of Greece, on the Peloponnese, and in Attica, close to Athens. Both parts of the country have a history of vine cultivation dating as far back as ancient times.

Our Professional Staff will guide you into the world of Greek quality wines. You can visit small and medium sized renowned Greek vineyards that produce some of the best wines in Europe. Many are still owned and run by private families. You will discover a new generation of Greek wine makers that are dedicated to making new and exciting products. The present exciting wines – and ancient recipes – offer endless possibilities for wine lovers around the world.

Guided tours

On our guided tours you will travel in a mini bus or coach around the vine yards staying at excellent hotels and you will be accompanied by a driver / guide. The tour will cover local vineyards, ancient archaeological sites and give you a taste of the local area you will be visiting.

We offer:
Guided half day wine tasting tour Attica
Guided one day wine tasting Attica & Cape Sounion
Guided one day wine tour Attica
Guided one day wine tour Peloponnese
Guided two day wine tour Peloponnese
Guided 4 day wine tour
Guided 8 day cultural wine tour


Individual tours

Our individual tours are designed for those who wish to go it alone. Our travel team will design a route for you that will encompass the things you want to see and visit. We will make hotel reservations for you along the way and prearrange private wine tastings. The whole package will include maps and directions so that you easily can drive and navigate to your destinations. More information.


The Wineries

The wineries we have chosen are located in three regions (Nemea, Argolida and Mantinia) on the Peloponnese and in Attica close to Athens, which you can easily visit in a couple of days.


Greek Wine Estates

During the last 25 years the Greek wine sector has undergone a complete transformation, with a huge investment in modern wine making technology and the Greek vineyard. Today’s talented Greek winemakers are crafting world-class wines from native and international varieties that now rival the best from around the globe. The owners of the wine estates will give you a warm welcome, and their English speaking staff members and young well trained vignerons will show you around the vineyards and wineries. READ MORE …


Greek gastronomy

Gastronomy is an important part of your tour; you will meet the local people and discover where they go for local culinary treats. And then when you get back home, and open a great bottle of wine you will know the people who made it, and understand how and why they make the best wine in Greece.


Ancient history and sites

And while tasting your wine, you will learn about ancient history, and visit famous archeological sites (Ancient Epidavros, Ancient Nemea, Ancient site of Mycenae & the historical Castle of Nafplion). The people, the history and the land all leave their imprint on a wine.