Wine regions

We have chosen three regions on the Peloponnese, in the south of Greece, and Attica, one of the oldest wine-producing regions close to Athens. Athens is surrounded by small historical vineyards that are dotted around the city’s landscape. Many of them can be reached within a short drive from the center of the capital.

A visit to the Peloponnese wineries can be combined with a stay in a mountain village, and excursions to archeological sites, monasteries or museums.

The first reference to the wine tradition of the Peloponnese came from Homer who called it Ampeloessa, meaning “full of vines.” Neither wars nor phylloxera were able to stop the production of wine here in one of the most historic wine regions of Greece. Spread throughout hillsides, plains and plateaus, the vineyards of the Peloponnese are known for their diversity and complexity



Attica hosts a wide range of indigenous and international varieties thanks to its climate and soil. New winemakers and oenologists re-cultivated the indigenous Savatiano grape, but also the other local white variety Malagouzia maintains its popularity because of its rich and exceptional flavors. The wineries in the region produce top quality white and red wines.



Not far from the pretty town of Nafplion we find Nemea, the most important region in southern Greece for the production of red wines. Nemea is considered the crown jewel of the new wine industry. Here the Agiorgitiko grape (Saint George) is used and produces wines famous for their deep red color, complex aroma and long, velvety palate.



Argolida has some of the most sophisticated wineries, in a landscape embellished with green fields, forests, mountains and amazing beaches. Famous for its glorious past and archeological sites, such as Ancient Epidavros.



In the high altitudes of Mantinia, the noble Moschofilero grape is cultivated producing the AOC wines, Mantinia. The continental climate together with the poor, but well drained soil also leads to the production of some exciting aromatic and elegant white wines.